Synthetic Field Surface/Infill Cleaning


Debris can accumulate quickly on a field. Metal nails, screws, springs, staples, mouthguards, pen caps, pistachio and peanut shells, cigarettes…you name it and we’ve found it. As these items gather on the field, they get pushed deeper into the infill. This degrades the crumb rubber and reduces water infiltration.

Regular cleanings prevent debris from becoming a serious issue. We’ll perform a surface and top layer cleaning of your field with our Redexim Verti-Top, one of the best synthetic field cleaners in the industry. Its unique vacuum and retrofitted magnet leaves no fiber untouched, removing up to 90 percent of all debris and contaminants within the turf. Now those are stats we can get behind!

A good cleaning leaves your turf softer and – more importantly – safer. Once we’ve cleaned your field, we’ll provide a comprehensive report of what we found, discuss any potential problems and offer recommendations on future synthetic turf maintenance.

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